Summer 2011 revisited!

January 8, 2013

I know this is an old post but I had to bring it back to life!  For the couples trying to plan their decor this year: consider adding a punch of color to your summer wedding!  Rich tones of purples, maroon, blues and dark browns/blacks with a punch of green.  Keep it simple and don’t try to add the colors everywhere.  Your bouquets and a few arrangements is all you need to tie it all together. Don’t go overboard with it. Keeping your base white with a simple black on white patterned runner or coverlet and you’ve got it!

So on to sharing or should I say ‘resharing’…..

Glen and Cathi Durrell did a spectacular job on the photos, which is nothing short of ‘normal’ for them. Especially considering the time restraints they had to work with to get the photos taken.  Alright, time for some photo love. We MUST start with the dress. This one deserves the spotlight for sure.

Did your jaw just hit the floor ? I know. Mine did too.

Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but I LOVE this bouquet !
Stunning, stunning and stunning. Picture perfect day. Picture perfect bride. Picture perfect setting.
And of course theres the Perfect Pictures to capture it all !
Now the food. Seriously I couldn’t skip this part. I tried, but it just wouldn’t be right. Manteo provided the food and let me tell you, it was top notch. Amazing to say the least. There were about five different food stations. All complete with chefs in full uniform cooking up a storm. The smell was to die for. The displays were so spectacular I had to literally hold my hands, clenched, behind my back to stop from eating them. It was no joke. No joke at all.
Alright, I could post a million photos of food but lets get to some decor goodness. Cause there was some serious decor goodness…
The couch of the year. I am in love with this couch like you wouldn’t believe. Pure perfection. Glen, you killed these, as per usual.
There were two seating areas like this in the tent with multiple other areas around the property with huge ‘lounging’ potential. ‘Lounging’ being one of my personal favourite activities at a wedding… and I think many guests would agree with me on that.
My objective in this post was to narrow the photos down to about a dozen and send you all over to the website to see the rest. Clearly I couldn’t help myself. However there are a few more over at the website so feel free to take a peek and wander a little.
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