November 30, 2012

Ok, so you have probably seen these photos already. I mean, they were kind of everywhere for a while… just not here… where they should be. Plus, I never get tired of these ones. This was such a fun collaboration between Stage Right Etc and Jessica Zais Photography. We spent hours dreaming up ideas and then going on the hunt to make them happen… like the perfect “Anne” character and the perfect wedding dress that had the poofy sleeves she always wanted. (though these ones would have never been enough for the real Anne) It was a lot of work to put together, but what a treat to see the end results. Many thanks to Sweet On You Cakes for joining the venture and creating three beautiful cakes to compliment the design as well as individual ‘carrot cakes’ for each of the ‘guests’ attending. This was such a great touch and we were so thrilled that you were willing to jump on board with us ! Also a big thank you to Melissa Dacre for doing such a perfect job on “Anne’s” hair. We absolutely loved the final result. As for Jessica Zais. Couldn’t have done it without you ! Thank you so much for making this happen with us. You’re amazing. And then theres Us. Yay US. This was fun.

Enjoy a few photos below and then click here to head to our website for the rest. (I know. I’m such a scammer)

Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the mock up on our site.

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