November 22, 2012

Oh Josie. The sweet girl on the other end of the phone with the ever adorable australian accent. We may not have met each other until just a few days before the wedding but it certainly felt as though we had known each other for years. Every phone conference we ever had was laced with giggles and laughter. She was always a sheer joy to chat with and her infamous answer to almost any question was “whatever you think is good”. It cracked us up every time. Somehow we kept expecting her answer to be different. Like she would suddenly turn into a ‘typical bride’ that actually wanted to know what on earth we were planning…. but she didn’t. She loved passing it ALL over to us… including the purchase of her wedding dress. Yeah, I know right. And then theres Mike… who’s Mike ? Ooooooooh right. Mike. The groom. We didn’t hear from him too much. Only once. Once was enough to know that we would get along just fine. And we did.

As you may have figured out by now – we loved this wedding and we loved this couple.

Enjoy the teaser. If you want to see more (and believe me you do) click here to go to our portfolio and view the rest of the big day.

Another shout out to Jessica Zais Photography for the fantastic photos… and for getting Josie to do a one handed hand stand in her wedding dress ! (NOW you’re gonna click on the link right?)

Mike and Josie : Thank you. And then thank you again.
All the best,

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