November 20, 2012

One couple, one day … three dresses? Say what ? Yup, thats exactly right. Three dresses for one bride. And she pulled all three of them off beautifully. Polly and Simon were quite possibly one of the easiest clients to work with. They loved simple and elegant. Nothing over stated or gaudy. Tasteful and classic. And thats what we gave them. And she loved it. Its just that easy.

We had the privilege of having this wedding published in the Real Weddings Fall/Winter Magazine of 2012 .

Huge thanks to Kevin Trowbridge Photography for that and for the amazing photos.

Enjoy the teaser below but if you want to see moreĀ click here to go to our website and see the full wedding.

Thank you Simon and Polly for being so fantastic to work with !

All the best,

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