Jessica + Owen

October 5, 2011

Alright, yet another amazing couple. I do not lie. We have fantastic clients. Bet you wish you were us. I know.

These two were not only super easy going but super fun to work with. The trust factor was definitely there and they let us run with it. Jessica wanted it bright but also warm and inviting. Lost of color in her bouquet and something a little different. I couldn’t possibly have enjoyed making this bouquet more. I felt spoiled to be able to just play with all the beautiful flowers we had ordered in for the big day. I loved not being restricted to one or two colors but being able to play with them all and see what I could create. Again… spoiled.

And then there was Jessica Zais Photography. How lucky were we to be able to have her shoot this wedding. She always brings such a joy and excitement to any shoot and this wedding was no different. Always a pleasure lady. Always.

The wedding took place at Summerhill Winery upstairs in the glassroom. We don’t often get to decor upstairs but thoroughly enjoyed the intimate setting that it created. And ps. If you make your way up there – have the caesar salad – trust me. Its no regular caesar salad. Its simply divine.

It was no small job but Jessica and Owen managed to get pictures of all the guests individually and we ‘hid’ them inside their name cards. What a great conversation piece and the source of many laughs throughout the evening !
Thank you so much Jessica and Owen for picking us to be such a big part of your day ! What an absolute pleasure. 🙂

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  1. Alyson says:

    Another amazing bridal bouquet! Beautiful!

  2. Jessica Zais says:

    Aww, always a pleasure for me too ladies!! I loved this wedding – the decor, the florals… oh my goodness. I love how you guys put colours together. Such a great couple too.

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