Glen, Glen, Glen …

February 3, 2011


It’s a Glen Durrell kind of day around here. This was another show stopper of 2010. Not only in decor and details, but again, another genuinely spectacular couple. These two are adorable in every sense of the word. When you see them together you get sucked right into their little ‘love bubble’. Karen and Trenton – YOU’RE THE BEST !

Such great style this woman has !

Reminds me of an angel.

“Stunning”. There just really isn’t another word for it.

Now, THAT’S how you wrap a gift. Gorgeous.

I LOVE these two pics. So much personality. So much happiness. So much Karen and Trenton.

I could write “GORGEOUS” after every single picture !

I am crazy about the angle of this shot. Well, in reality, its everything about this shot that I’m crazy about. Nice capture Glen !

Another one of my FAVORITE bouquest of 2010.


And now for the stunning decor …

There is always SO much hesitation with brides when we mention the color ‘black’. We usually get that kind of side ways look like ‘are you for real?’. Yes, we are. Black is not depressing. Black is not morbid.

Black is classy.

Black is an amazing backdrop to make the colors you love pop. To really show the details and add a classiness to your event that other colors just simply can’t.

So classy. So elegant.

I have a special connection with the “R” in the background as I hand painted it for this wedding. It was definitely one of my favorite components of the room.

Simple and Bold.

Karen, you are simply breathtaking. <3



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  1. Welllll… it really was Glen Durrell day at Stage Right! Thanks for all the accolades but you make it sooooo easy for us. Everywhere we look its elegant perfection with a twist of magic. Absolutely World Class girls. Bravo for your great taste!

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