The Happy Couple

February 3, 2011

I titled this ‘The Happy Couple’ because thats exactly what they are. They were such a delight to be around from the very first meeting until the very last time we saw them. A sheer delight. Truly utterly in love. It was beautiful to watch and still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling when I see the photos. Speaking of the photos, a huge thank you to Glen Durrell for capturing this day and for capturing their personalities in every photo. Another wedding that I’m crazy about. Enjoy ….

I love this woman. Her smile is absolutely infectious !

One word : “Magical”

This was the head table arrangement, constructed mainly on site as you would not believe the weight of it ! It was such a gorgeous focal point to the room !

Ria and I were both ecstatic when Christina and Karim loved the idea of artichokes in their arrangements. We always love switching it up a little. Straying from the ‘typical’ wedding flowers that, understandably, most brides go for. Artichokes, chicks and hens and amaranthus !?! Did I just die and go to flower heaven ???

Once again, I HAD to post the food. Thanks to Glen Durrell for getting shots of these beauties.

This is art. No doubt about it.

Manteo sure knows how to represent. Well done.

Alright, time to get the comfies on and have a PARTY.

Good thing the comfies were provided for men and women !

These two had what I would say is the perfect combo for an evening of insanity and fun. They had the infamous Jeff Hay who always knows how to get people moving and get the laughs rolling out one after another. And on top of that they had the photobooth to make sure these memories weren’t lost or forgetten but captured in the most entertaining way. And seriously, can you imagine the photos they must have ended up with with a group like this. (see below photos)

Christina and Karim. We can’t express what a joy it was to be a part of your day and to have the chance

to get to know you two and to be able to witness how head over heels in love you are with each other.

What a beautiful thing.



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  1. Jessica Zais says:

    Beautiful! Love the artichokes and boutonniere!!

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