Its time for some catch up. Saying I’m a little ‘behind’ in the blogging world is far too large of an understatement. I got me some work to do. Although, can you really call this ‘work’ ?

So today I’m spending the day sipping my favorite coffee shop specialty, White Chocolate Mocha, while I reminisce all the amazing people we met this summer and all the beautiful weddings that took place.

We don’t often have any surprises when it comes to doing a wedding at Summerhill Winery. We work there enough to know most of the ins and outs. What tables will be where. Where we can move them. Where we can’t. We are used to the walk down the aisle. Where the bride starts, where she stops. However when Della came to our shop for one of her last meetings before her big day she casually said something about a helicopter. We paused. Helicopter? Yup, thats how the bride arrived. Now thats an entrance.

A huge thanks to Jessica Zais for another batch of fantastic photos. See her blog here.


Thanks again to Jessica Zais for the photos and to Doug and Della for trusting us with your big day !



3 Responses to “A little helicopter romance …”

  1. colleen says:

    oh wow guys, love the new draping! (well new to me anyways..?) gorgeous wedding, luv the texture on the tables!

  2. Jessica Zais says:

    The decor was so flippin gorgeous for this!

  3. michelle says:

    you are both tooo talented for your own good!! Does that even make sence?? But serilusly you are sickly talented ladies!!!!!!!

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