I’ve always been a fan of orchids. When I say fan I mean if I could pick one flower to take over the world, it would be the orchid. Of course there are many varieties and to narrow it down to one is like asking me to choose between a chocolate truffle blizzard and a cookie dough blizzard. Quite frankly, its not possible.

So I give you the Phalaenopsis orchid in all its beauty paired with the exquisite yet simplistic calla lily.

Now hows that for an opening line? So cheesy, I know.

Thank you to Abby Photography for so kindly supplying us with photos of these beauties and Congratulations to Devon and Angela ! Thank you guys for being such fantastic clients to work with and for trusting us with the your big day. All the best.


2 Responses to “Orchids never go out of style”

  1. colleen says:

    that bride bouquet is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Definitely our favorite bridal bouquet of the year so far! Thanks for mentioning us Danielle. Appreciate it! =)

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