Many couple inadvertently forget about some of the very important elements in choosing their wedding date. What style of wedding dress do you envision?  Is it sleeveless? If so, you may not want to choose a date in October….at least not in Canada!  What about the bridesmaids dresses….you would want to give them the same consideration.   How will the groom feel in a ‘full on’ black suit in the middle of a scorching hot summer day?  What about the groomsmen?  Have you seen a beautiful bouquet that you just can’t live without?  Find out when those particular flowers are readily available in your area and make that a part of your decision.

Budget is a large part and if flowers are important to you, then try to choose your date according to the availability of your favourite flowers and that will hep your budgets bottom line.
One of the favorite flowers of many brides are Peonie.  Peonie  have a  small window of opportunity here in Canada. Don’t get me wrong, they can be had for a longer stretch of time, but at a prime cost. If you are willing to stretch your budget there are many options open to you for flowers. But if you are ‘ budget minded’ , then like I said, try to stick to the flowers that are readily available at the time of year of your wedding date.
Here’s an interesting article by Colin Cowie….enjoy.

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