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I wanted to take this opportunity to share, with our readers, some of the updates that we have done to our Stage Right Weddings Rental site .  We’ve just begun! The Rental portion of Stage Right is an affordable way to get the designed look, without going all out with our full design packages.  Click here to view all of the different options we have in pre designed table décor, as well, you can mix and match table cloths, runners, and accents.  We will be adding photos of all of the great products for table centres and decor items that will be available for rent along with our pre-design as well.  Happy browsing!



One of our Summerhill Weddings from last fall is being featured this week on Stacey from JoyWed’s blog!

For anyone that didn’t have a chance to see our blogpost last year – one of Kerry’s bridesmaids wore a dress made entirely of sheet music.  That’s right, sheet music!!  It’s a must see!  Click here to see the full post on JoyWed.


A fabulous mix of blue and turquoise inspires thoughts of warm, tropical islands with white sandy beaches.

Wedding décor in these colors is fun and playful, whether it’s a casual seaside ceremony or a more formal

event with a chic, glowing after-party. With a range of shades from deep teal to robin’s egg, the color

combination is up to you, as long as it’s blue…. Read More



It’s not easy settling on a colour for your wedding day.  I have a couple of favourite sites that I go to when I need inspiration, and I thought I’d share them with you!

First I’d like to share a few things to remember when you’re choosing your overall colour, and possibly accent colours.  Be sure to select your colours and choose your venue and decor accordingly, then choose your bridesmaids dresses….not the other way around. When you are short listing your venue think about the colour palette you’ve chosen.  Do they lend themselves well together?

Colour is such a fun thing to play with, and yet it can be a scary adventure as well.  It’s all about balance.  A designer once told me that it’s about 70/30 balance.  70% of one and 30% of the opposite.  I’ve used that rule a lot whilst designing  and it works.

So now I’ll share my ‘special favourite’ sites with you.

Design Seed and The Perfect Palette are a great sites whether you are choosing colours for your wedding, your home, office or any space actually.

Enjoy, and be sure to call us if we can help at all!