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December 6, 2012

Lets just get right to it – we have Wedding Planner crushes on these two. No word of a lie, I think we would adopt them if we could. Our first meeting there may have been tears from laughing so hard. (or slight wetting of the pants – too much info? I thought so. Moving on… )

These two are fantastic. A perfect pair and absolute gems to be around. This is how great they are : We showed up the morning of their wedding to set up and there were these pretty boxes on the table, tied with a bow and each with a card with our names on it. What a treat. It definitely put even more of a bounce in our step as we set up. There’s just something about these two. Something pretty great.

Enjoy the teaser but click here to see more. (this is saving me hours in uploading time… just so you know) 🙂

Oh and a few little notes in regards to the photos you are about to see…… the signs the boys carried down the aisle : a complete surprise from Sara to Scott. The photos where you see Scott (and everyone at the reception) singing to Sara : a complete surprise to her. Le sigh. We love these two.

Ok, enough is enough. Photo time. Enjoy.

Like I said – Huge Wedding Planner crush. Love you two.

We know you’ll live happily ever after. You and your two ADORABLE little dogs. 😉