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November 30, 2012

Ok, so you have probably seen these photos already. I mean, they were kind of everywhere for a while… just not here… where they should be. Plus, I never get tired of these ones. This was such a fun collaboration between Stage Right Etc and Jessica Zais Photography. We spent hours dreaming up ideas and then going on the hunt to make them happen… like the perfect “Anne” character and the perfect wedding dress that had the poofy sleeves she always wanted. (though these ones would have never been enough for the real Anne) It was a lot of work to put together, but what a treat to see the end results. Many thanks to Sweet On You Cakes for joining the venture and creating three beautiful cakes to compliment the design as well as individual ‘carrot cakes’ for each of the ‘guests’ attending. This was such a great touch and we were so thrilled that you were willing to jump on board with us ! Also a big thank you to Melissa Dacre for doing such a perfect job on “Anne’s” hair. We absolutely loved the final result. As for Jessica Zais. Couldn’t have done it without you ! Thank you so much for making this happen with us. You’re amazing. And then theres Us. Yay US. This was fun.

Enjoy a few photos below and then click here to head to our website for the rest. (I know. I’m such a scammer)

Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the mock up on our site.


November 26, 2012

This was actually our very first wedding of the year. Waaaaay back in february… which quite honestly feels like two years ago. I had to double check to make sure we actually DID do this wedding in 2012. Yup, wedding season brain has kicked in and I’m officially confused daily as to what year we are in. I’ll get there. Don’t worry about me.

Ok, back to Melissa and Rhys. I fear I may go on a tangent with this one. It was just that great. There were so many things to love about this wedding but the main one being the couple. Melissa is such a sweetheart. I mean one of the sweetest of the hearts. Her love for Rhys is absolutely ridiculous. Adorable. Admirable. Absolutely positively genuine. These are the moments where you have to believe in ‘happily ever afters’.

Then there was the fact that she wanted this small intimate wedding (LOVE) on their property with a wedding dress that was anything but traditional. I absolutely fell in love with the concept of a vintage style dress… not a vintage style ‘wedding’ dress per say. But a very unique, I suit Melissa perfectly, kind of vintage dress.

Lastly there is the fact that she’s a stunning red head. Her hair couldn’t have looked more fantastic. Perhaps thats thanks to the fact that she’s a fantastic hairdresser and one we highly recommend. Should you be on the hunt – check out her website.

So so many things to love about this. My personal favourite quirky touch was the owl in the centrepiece. I saw it and I knew it had to be on that table. Not everyone agreed with me at first but he grew on them all. Sweet little owl.

Oh, and one more thing – the chicken photo – AMAZING. Possibly my favourite photo of the year for its sheer originality and “quirkiness”.

And yet again, another Jessica Zais Photography specialty. Thanks so much for these great shots Jess !

Also a big thank you to Bri Stein for her makeup artistry.

Ok, thats all. Enjoy the teaser below… and yup, you guess it, click here to see more on our website.

Thanks so much Melissa and Rhys for letting us be a part of this amazing day. You two are absolutely fantastic.

All the best,


Ps. I need a hair appointment soon. When can I get in ? 😉


November 22, 2012

Oh Josie. The sweet girl on the other end of the phone with the ever adorable australian accent. We may not have met each other until just a few days before the wedding but it certainly felt as though we had known each other for years. Every phone conference we ever had was laced with giggles and laughter. She was always a sheer joy to chat with and her infamous answer to almost any question was “whatever you think is good”. It cracked us up every time. Somehow we kept expecting her answer to be different. Like she would suddenly turn into a ‘typical bride’ that actually wanted to know what on earth we were planning…. but she didn’t. She loved passing it ALL over to us… including the purchase of her wedding dress. Yeah, I know right. And then theres Mike… who’s Mike ? Ooooooooh right. Mike. The groom. We didn’t hear from him too much. Only once. Once was enough to know that we would get along just fine. And we did.

As you may have figured out by now – we loved this wedding and we loved this couple.

Enjoy the teaser. If you want to see more (and believe me you do) click here to go to our portfolio and view the rest of the big day.

Another shout out to Jessica Zais Photography for the fantastic photos… and for getting Josie to do a one handed hand stand in her wedding dress ! (NOW you’re gonna click on the link right?)

Mike and Josie : Thank you. And then thank you again.
All the best,


November 20, 2012

One couple, one day … three dresses? Say what ? Yup, thats exactly right. Three dresses for one bride. And she pulled all three of them off beautifully. Polly and Simon were quite possibly one of the easiest clients to work with. They loved simple and elegant. Nothing over stated or gaudy. Tasteful and classic. And thats what we gave them. And she loved it. Its just that easy.

We had the privilege of having this wedding published in the Real Weddings Fall/Winter Magazine of 2012 .

Huge thanks to Kevin Trowbridge Photography for that and for the amazing photos.

Enjoy the teaser below but if you want to see more click here to go to our website and see the full wedding.

Thank you Simon and Polly for being so fantastic to work with !

All the best,


November 16, 2012

Well, its that time of year again! Time to do some posting and blogging. Perhaps a little sharing with the great big world of cyber space. So here we go …. 🙂

This was our last wedding of the year and what a great one to end on ! I don’t think its a big secret that we have a love of all things shabby chic, rustic, vintage, classic … whatever name you would like to put on it. Basically, we like old ‘stuff’. If its been in your yard aging for a couple decades, its pretty much gold to us. If it was passed down from generations above you, we probably want to frame it and hang it on our walls. We love this stuff. We eat it up. Like children eat candy. Maybe not exactly that way but you get the idea. However for us it doesn’t end there. We don’t just love old ‘stuff’. ((I love that the word ‘stuff’ is how I’ve chosen to define what we love. Classy Danielle. So classy)) We love the mixing of old stuff with new stuff. We love creating a good neutral base to start with and then building on that. Keeping things clean and not too overpowering, while making sure to add just that right amount of interest to create the perfect balance of ‘vintage’ and ‘classy’. This wedding was just that. We were so lucky to have a bride that trusted us completely. A bride who a few days before the wedding said that we were welcome to change her table linens to whatever we thought would suit the direction we were going best. Who gets that? What wedding designer gets a bride THAT awesome? …. We did. Lucky us.

Enjoy the teaser below but if you want to see more click here to go to our website and see the full wedding. As always a huge thank you to Jessica Zais Photography all the beautiful photos of the big day !

Thank you Kerry and Lance for being such a treat to work with and for allowing us to do what we do best !