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Caroline + James

October 6, 2011

So I’m pretty sure “FUN” is both of their middle name. Honestly. Caroline and James were such a great couple with such a great energy about them. We absolutely loved being a part of their big day. And of course as Jessica Zais always does these photos captured them perfectly. What a great bunch of people to be around and of course a beautiful setting.

Ah yes, how we LOVE the photobooth (Okanagan digital Media). Always a hit at every event it graces !


Caroline and James – many thanks for being so easy going and fantastic to work with.

May the fun never end. 🙂



Nancy + Derek

October 5, 2011

This wedding had hollywood glam all over it. It was nothing short of class class and more class. Her dress was absolutely stunning. Vera Wang knows her stuff, thats for sure. And Nancy wore it so beautifully. I added alot of “un-necessary” photos to this bunch. In other words, photos that have absolutely nothing to do with our job as her wedding designers, however I just couldn’t resist. She looked stunning and the photography was spectacular. Once again another Jessica Zais special taken at Summerhill Winery.

Another beautifully intimate wedding.
Thank you Nancy and Derek for letting us be a part of it !

Jessica + Owen

October 5, 2011

Alright, yet another amazing couple. I do not lie. We have fantastic clients. Bet you wish you were us. I know.

These two were not only super easy going but super fun to work with. The trust factor was definitely there and they let us run with it. Jessica wanted it bright but also warm and inviting. Lost of color in her bouquet and something a little different. I couldn’t possibly have enjoyed making this bouquet more. I felt spoiled to be able to just play with all the beautiful flowers we had ordered in for the big day. I loved not being restricted to one or two colors but being able to play with them all and see what I could create. Again… spoiled.

And then there was Jessica Zais Photography. How lucky were we to be able to have her shoot this wedding. She always brings such a joy and excitement to any shoot and this wedding was no different. Always a pleasure lady. Always.

The wedding took place at Summerhill Winery upstairs in the glassroom. We don’t often get to decor upstairs but thoroughly enjoyed the intimate setting that it created. And ps. If you make your way up there – have the caesar salad – trust me. Its no regular caesar salad. Its simply divine.

It was no small job but Jessica and Owen managed to get pictures of all the guests individually and we ‘hid’ them inside their name cards. What a great conversation piece and the source of many laughs throughout the evening !
Thank you so much Jessica and Owen for picking us to be such a big part of your day ! What an absolute pleasure. 🙂

Alyson + Jeffrey

October 5, 2011

Trust is a huge thing when hiring a wedding planner/designer. It goes a long way when you find a perfect match. By perfect match I’m not talking about the couple. (although, thats pretty desirable as well. *cough cough*) I’m talking about finding a planner/designer that catches your vision. That you know has your best interests at heart and that ultimately when faced with a decision on your behalf – will make the best one for you. We strive to find these kind of matches in our business. Its where we get to reach our full potential of creativity and where we flourish. Alyson and Jeffrey were just that. The perfect match for us. Not only did we love them instantly, though never meeting them until the day before their wedding, they completely trusted us. They gave us a beginning point, told us a bit about themselves, sent us a few photos of themselves and we were free to run with it. It was exhilarating to say the least. This wedding kept both of us up at night and we were constantly running around like little school children do as the lunch bell finally rings. Full of anticipation and excitement.

I think you get the idea. We loved this wedding. Everything about it. From the trust that Alyson and Jeffrey put in us to the clear as day, knock yourself over, perfect match that they were for each other. What an amazing wedding to witness with two amazing people. This is why we do what we do. To be able to witness moments like these.

First glances are fast becoming my favorite thing ever. I never thought I would love them as much as I do. But its such a great thing to be able to spend that moment together and take your time to ‘breath’ with each other.

I fell in love with Alysons dress, to say the least. It was sheer perfection and couldn’t have suited her more. She sent us photos long before and I knew it would be among my favorites, however I wasn’t sure what kind of suit Jeffrey would pair with it and well as you can see…. they nailed it. What a great combo. They both looked so comfortable yet insanely classy and elegant. Just the way it should be.


Does anyone ever tire of old books? Really? Ok, well not me. Ever.



A big thank you to Adrian Photography for the photos and also to Vintage Origami for providing us with some of the amazing vintage decor items for this wedding… especially the vintage chair for the bouquet shot. I just had to have a photo of that bouquet on that chair. They were made for each other. Clearly.


And of course, the biggest thank you goes to Alyson and Jeffrey. You guys really made this the most enjoyable experience it possibly could have been for us. We think about you guys often and wish you both the very best. 🙂