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Fall colors with a twist

November 7, 2010

As I’m going through all the weddings this year and catching up on my blogging I’m amazed at how many amazing couples we got to work with. It seems every one I get to I feel like they were “the best couple ever“. Clearly we had a good year.

But seriously, these two were fantastic. Nicole couldn’t possibly be sweeter or more laid back and her bridal party was equally fantastic ! So appreciative and so much fun to be around ! I was lucky enough to be the day of co-ordinator for these two and loved every minute. They were so relaxed, so casual and they literally enjoyed every single minute. No stress, no rush. What a wonderful way to spend your wedding day.

Another wedding shot with the mad skills of Jessica Zais Photography and the amazing backdrop of Summerhill Winery !

Enjoy …

Stunning dress ! It was so great to see a short wedding dress on a bride and she wore it so well, pockets and all.

I’ve never seen a bride look so comfortable in her dress !

I love this picture because it totally captures their personalities ! I love it.

Hello awesome shoes … where can I buy you ?

Fall tones done with a bit of fuscia and blue in the mix. I love these colors together !

I had to put this picture in. It was too great not to. Okanagan Photo Booth is always a source for great times at weddings. I love seeing all the kids dressing up and all the adults dressing up acting like kids. Its so fun and such a great keepsake to have for the Bride and Groom… and of course… I had to sneak in there too …

*totally professional, right !?*

Me, Jessica Zais and Carley

Can you tell we had fun too ! You know Nicole and Barry must have been laid back in order for us to be able to do this ! It was such a great wedding to be at for sure !



Double Dippin’ for sure

November 4, 2010

This is a first for sure. Two posts. One wedding. You’ll see why. I couldn’t resist. Really … I couldn’t.

From time to time our out of town clients decide to bring their photographer with them. For some they are friends for others they are a photographer they know they can trust with their big day. For Nicole and Nathan I believe it was both. Brandon Scott Photography nailed this. The photos will speak for themselves. I absolutely love seeing the same wedding from two different perspectives and am always excited to find a new photographer to follow. Its rare we ever hear from an out of town photographer again or get to see any of the photos they have taken. So we were super excited when we saw Brandons blog post and loved what we saw as well. There were so many great photos it was hard to not post them all! If you want to see them all be sure to check out their blog here.

And of course, the photos would be the same without the picturesque setting of Summerhill Winery.

Seriously adorable.

This bouquet couldn’t have been more fun to make. Succulents from the garden, echinacea, kale, feathers, snow berries…. all sorts of non traditional kind of things.

My favorite !

Another favorite of mine. Dusty miller, succulents, snow berries and of course some beautiful feathers to tie it all together. Love love love.


I loved this wedding.



Mock up … meet wedding.

November 3, 2010

I can’t get enough of this wedding and can’t say enough about it. I love it. I love it. I love it. We knew we wanted to do this wedding from the first meeting we had with these two. I mean we didn’t just ‘want’ to do it we ‘had to have it‘. Then when Nicole saw our Shabby Chic mock up and our Vintage mock up and loved them we knew this was a perfect match. She put together a scrapbook and mailed it off to us. It quite literally gave me goosebumps and made me squeal like a little girl. The feathers, the birds, the vintage stuff everywhere … their wedding couldn’t come fast enough as far as I was concerned !

We knew it was going to be fantastic so we called in a favor. We knew this wedding would be right up Jessica Zais alley so we asked if she would book off the day to shoot it for us. And she did. And oh what a fantastic job she did. Here are some of my favorites but travel over to her blog to see some more. And stay posted for the next blog. I’m ‘double dipping’ for sure. Turns out the photographer they brought with them is uber talented as well ! Two photographers, two perspectives, one fantastic event !

First off – heres the scrapbook that Nicole and Nathan sent to us. This was our inspiration and our platform to jump from. What a fantastic start for us and what a great way to insure we were all on the same page. It was like getting a parcel in the mail at Christmas time ! So great !

Enjoy …

And now what we did with it …

I loved these table numbers. They were my own special ‘project’. I wanted to make something different. Something I hadn’t seen in the magazines or on the blogs and between Ria and I we came up with these mailbox number beauties.

Oh the birdies … I fell in love with these two. “Adley and Leasha” My daughter named them and they have now become ‘part of the family’. Not at our house (we can’t have pets) but my sister took them in so we can stop in and visit them when we like. Not only did I fall in love with them but they were picture perfect too. 🙂

I’ve been a lover of old suitcases for a while. These are part of my collection I have at home. I’m quite attached.

We had way too much fun with this wedding…. can you tell ???

And as if these two don’t make you smile from ear to ear !

Thanks again Jessica Zais for the amazing photos and Nicole and Nathan for being so fantastic to work with. And I can’t possibly forget Summerhill Winery. You guys are always such a pleasure to work with and make our job just that much more amazing.

This wedding also got featured on Style Me Pretty so be sure to check it out here too… if your an addict like me that is. 🙂

Don’t forget to check back for round two. 🙂