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From day one these two could not have been more relaxed about their wedding or more clear about their vision was. In the wedding industry we hear the word ‘unique’ all the time. Everyone wants something different. Something totally them. Alva and Ashley knew exactly what they wanted. Nothing wedding. Nothing fru-fru. When they said ‘unique’, they meant it. When they said “Avatar” we knew – they weren’t kidding. This was going to be fun.

Lets just say I loved this wedding. I love over the top, I love detail, I love design but above all of these I love a wedding with heart and soul. Thats what this one was. It was all heart. All soul.

I was lucky enough to be the second photographer for Jessica Zais on this wedding and I enjoyed every minute.

We began with photos of the two of them. No bridal party, no rush. Just the two of them. Then off to the cocktail hour. Yes, the cocktail hour. Nothing usual about this. The bride and groom were there before anyone arrived. After taking a walk around the room I turned around to see the bride painting her nails ! As if she was at home just relaxing and getting ready for a night out. “Relaxed” doesn’t even begin to describe these two. The guests began to arrive and it reminded me of a great big family reunion. Alot of hugging, alot of laughing, alot of picture taking. When it was time for the ceremony the bride and groom literally just told everyone to head outside and asked them to stand around the firepit. Yes, the firepit. As the ceremony began I found myself choking back tears when Ashleys Oma came down the aisle. They had chosen her to be their ‘flower girl’. Priceless. They had already been legally married so it was the two of them at the front by the fire telling each other how much they loved each other as the sun began to set. It was so intimate and so unlike anything I have seen before.

Photos: Jessica Zais Photography

Location of ceremony and reception : The Harvest Golf

Florals, Decor, Wedding Planning : Stage Right Etc



More engagement bliss

October 27, 2010

I couldn’t post their wedding without posting their engagement shoot as well.

These two are simply adorable. Not sure how men feel about being called adorable but you’ll see what I mean. They couldn’t have been more natural, more relaxed, more photogenic or, from my perspective, more in love with each other. I don’t often get to see these shoots in person but I got to be there for this one and I couldn’t stop oogling over them the whole time. They were so fun and so affectionate with each other. Not in a highschool teenager way but with a depth that was so refreshing to see.

Of course none of this would have been captured so perfectly without the mad photographic genius of Jessica Zais. Thanks so much for letting me come along for this one. I had a blast and left with that fuzzy feeling all over.


Neither of us could believe how high Alva could jump ! Apparently he’s got a little Micheal Jordan in him. Who knew !?

They brought swords. It was awesome. Clearly.

Simply Beautiful. Now you know what I mean by ‘adorable’. Wait until you see what they did with their wedding. So unique so completely them.

If you want to see more check out Jessica Zais blog on their engagement shoot here.



Its time for some catch up. Saying I’m a little ‘behind’ in the blogging world is far too large of an understatement. I got me some work to do. Although, can you really call this ‘work’ ?

So today I’m spending the day sipping my favorite coffee shop specialty, White Chocolate Mocha, while I reminisce all the amazing people we met this summer and all the beautiful weddings that took place.

We don’t often have any surprises when it comes to doing a wedding at Summerhill Winery. We work there enough to know most of the ins and outs. What tables will be where. Where we can move them. Where we can’t. We are used to the walk down the aisle. Where the bride starts, where she stops. However when Della came to our shop for one of her last meetings before her big day she casually said something about a helicopter. We paused. Helicopter? Yup, thats how the bride arrived. Now thats an entrance.

A huge thanks to Jessica Zais for another batch of fantastic photos. See her blog here.


Thanks again to Jessica Zais for the photos and to Doug and Della for trusting us with your big day !