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This is my first time doing an engagement shoot post but I couldn’t resist !!! These are the kind of photos that are going to make your jaw drop and your whole body ooze with jealousy. (ok, maybe thats just me) Huge props to Kevin Trowbridge for capturing these shots and to the amazing couple, Eric and Olivia,  who weren’t afraid to get out in the rain. You guys did a fantastic job ! I’m absolutely in awe of these. Mad mad props.

Enjoy ….

*recognized by as the Top Engagement Photos of 2009*

*recognized by as the Top Engagement Photos of 2009*

Seriously amazing ! I can’t wait to share the photos from their wedding. It was nothing short of spectacular. From the stunning bride, to the oh so stylish bridal party and of course the fantastic decor… not a detail was missed ! And to top it off, not only were they picture perfect but quite possibly the sweetest couple I’ve ever met. Congratulations you two !



This was one of those weddings we were waiting for all year. One where we could ‘play’ a little. Throw out some ideas and have our clients jump at them. We love that.

We’ve done alot of weddings at Summerhill Winery but decided it was time to switch it up a little. So we opted out of our ‘regular’ (though theres nothing regular about it. *cough cough*) ceiling drape and decided to have my oh so talented father build us some custom lattice pieces to have on the ceiling between some drapery panels. Perfect place to hang off some lanterns for that french provence feel. Then I got to work on painting a few ‘wedding-ish’ signs on some old wood I found that had been weathered to perfectiion. Combine that with some killer stationary and a bouquet that has french provence written all over it and you’ve got “French Provence Stage Right Style”.

And of course we can’t forget the photographer behind it all. A big thank you to Stefan Matis for these amazing photos !

Now go ahead and enjoy…..

Can you tell… I’m  a little crazy about the stationary. Had SO much fun designing this one !
Seriously, how could you not LOVE this shot !?!
Hello gorgeous car. Can I take you home with me ?
Last but not least… thank you to the amazing couple who picked us to be a part of their day. Jennifer and Tomasz, you were absolutely fantastic to work with. Thanks so much for trusting us so much with every aspect of your day !

Hollywood Glam Mock-up

August 5, 2010

It was time for another mock up and we had found the perfect place. Its a fantastic restaurant and lounge found downtown on Lawrence. “Cush“. We had a girls night there and knew this was the place. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was perfect for what we were looking for. However this time we decided to mix it up.

Mock-up meets charity event.

Thats right, two birds one stone. Just like finding the perfect venue we had the perfect cause. You see, one of our girls from girls night had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Shes 28 and one of the toughest women you will ever meet. Shes a single mom of two kids and a hard worker to boot. It was perfect. She deserved it like no one else and then for an even bigger twist… why not have her as the bride ! And so she got all dolled up for the day. Hair, make-up, dress… we even found her a stand in groom. And so the day began.

There were many people who made this day possible. So here is our list of thank yous :

First off none of it would have been captured without the mad photography skills of Jessica Zais Photography. You’re amazing as always. The beautiful dress courtesy of Bliss Bridal. (Let me just say – if you need a dress, its the place to go. The store itself is eye candy from the moment you walk in). The amazing makeup skills of Melissa Craven. (Be sure to check out her new website!) Of course we can’t forget the venue it self. So a big thank you to Cush for hosting. Even our floral supplier donated some of the flowers for the event. Flair Chair Covers helped out with the crystal beads to add that bit of glamor. Huge thank you to those who helped with set up and take down as well. Couldn’t have done it without you. Oh and *cough cough* thank you to  Stage Right Etc who did all the beautiful decor. 🙂

Ok, thank yous complete. Now feast your eyes….. 🙂

This may be my favorite wedding picture ever. Wait…. yup, it is.

One of the bouquet shots of the year. I love it.

This one was too awesome not to post.

This shoot would not have been the same without Marks awesome facial expressions !

This one cracks me up everytime. Sheer awesome-ness.

And now for some of the decor shots…… eeee…….

Again, many thanks to those who made this event a great success ! And to Christine… you are an inspiration to all of us. You are the definition of true beauty. It starts on the inside and as we can all see doesn’t end there. Love you woman.



ps. Check out our website for more pics of this beauty. Click HERE.