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Deck the Halls …

July 9, 2010

So this was the challenge of the year. The big ka-hoo-na. The mama of all Mama’s.

In our initial consult we discussed design and decor, as per usual. Not knowing the venue we could only focus on the table decor, so we did. We came up with a beautiful design. Elegant, sophisticated and all around classy.

Then we met at the venue and it ALL changed. When we pulled up there was a large oversized bowling pin on the roof of the building… that lit up at night. We knew the previous plan was most likely out the window. So we walked in and noticed something right away… they hadn’t changed a thing since this place was built. It even came complete with a payphone in the entry. Luckily we were there before the bride so we could plan our strategy. The ceiling seemed to go on forever and the white brick walls surrounding us were beginning to hurt the eyes. Ok, so I’ve painted a pretty horrific picture but in all fairness kelowna isn’t known for locations that fit large weddings so we needed to make this work. And make it beautiful.

So we proposed our plan … how about scrap the original plan and go for vintage/retro !? *fingers crossed the bride would go for this* And…. SHE DID. In fact she LOVED the plan so much that we got many emails and phone calls the following week to tell us how excited she was. So heres what we came up with …

And of course HUGE Β thanks to Jessica Zais for coming out to take pictures for us once again ! You’re amazing. πŸ™‚

We put the head table in the center of the room and loaded it with all sorts of goodies, making sure to have lots of candle light to draw your eye into the center of the room and away from the white brick walls surrounding the perimeter.

Head table complete with all vintage chairs. Yes, we had quite the job finding 13 of them. πŸ˜›

Allium… another flower that is beautiful on its own.
We also had a big empty stage to fill, as the wedding party didn’t want to be up there… for which we were thrilled ! So we decored it with some brown draping, old windows hung at different heights, suitcases and a fantastic old school desk for the MC’s podium.
Of course it only seemed fitting that all 13 of the bridal party get their own teacup to finish off the head table. They also chose to do jelly bellys for the favors and let me tell you … they got eaten ! Not many people can refuse a jelly belly.
One of my favorite parts of the whole event, surprise surprise, was the stationary ! There was an old corkboard in the entry and so I decided to make some ‘button tacks’ and put it to use instead of trying to cover it. Of course we took a photo of all the papers that were on it before so we could return it to its original glory but I did love this seating plan ! So simple but so adorable.
Thanks Kristen and Anthony for trusting us so completely with your day and for allowing us to take it in a whole other direction then originally planned. We so enjoyed putting our creativity into your wedding and making it unlike any other.

Summerhill beauty

July 9, 2010

So this blogging thing is not working out for me. I think it has something to do with the 18 hour days, the 6 year old that seems to have taken over my house with her ‘larger then life’ personality, (what can I say, she takes after me. lol) and that thing called ‘eating’ that i so dearly love. Foooooooood. *drool*

Anyway, I’ve had these photos for way too long without posting a blog. I’m not going to lie. I feel guilty about it. So I suppose the first order of business is to A. Thank Adrian Photography for being so fantastic at getting these to us so fast and B. Offer my apologies for being so lame at getting them on the blog. It won’t happen again. Ok, lets be realistic… it may. I’m doing my best here people.

Ok, so this one I titled “Summerhill beauty” because it took place at, you guessed it, Summerhill Winery. It was such a perfect day for this wedding and I was in love with the simplicity of it and how the colors jumped off the table. And of course… (drum roll) … the stationary. Fantastic stationary for which I can’t take all the credit. The brides brother happens to be a stationary genius and designed her invitation so I got to steal the design and create all the day of stationary around it. It was bliss for me.

And how could I forget… the bouquet. The greatest thing about this bouquet is the brooches amongst the flowers. I love it because it was one of our mock weddings that inspired her to add these little touches. (see mock wedding here) That kind of response is exactly what we were hoping for. Inspiration, its a crazy thing. Anyway, I love this one. Its a beauty for sure and the reason we started this business to begin with. We are both crazy about flowers and love getting to create each bouquet to compliment each bride perfectly. You be the judge…. but I think this one was a great fit. πŸ™‚

Ranunculas … so perfect on their own. No need for fuss, just a pretty vase and a few stems and you have perfection. i love this one so much, I could frame it for my house if I had but one inch of space on these walls !

I SO enjoyed making these “table names”. What a fantastic idea. Each was a place they had been and under each place, a story. I honestly felt like they were my new best friends by the end of making these. I even managed to pick up a new tradition I would love to start. ( I’d tell you but then I’d have to … well, you know… it wouldn’t end well )

Stunning paper. Thanks to the bride who brought me a ‘bag of goodies’ and let me do whatever I wanted with them. πŸ™‚

Great photography guys ! Thanks again to Adrian Photography for capturing this one so well. You guys are fantastic !

Congratulations Kirsten and Trevor ! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day. It really was an honor. All the best to the both of you !

If you want to see more pics of this beauty, venture over to our website and drool some more. I have to limit myself these days. Time is of the essence. Its my new plan. Lure you in with a few goodies and send you over to the website to see the rest. I think I’ll be more productive this way. Time will tell.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.