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I’ve always been a fan of orchids. When I say fan I mean if I could pick one flower to take over the world, it would be the orchid. Of course there are many varieties and to narrow it down to one is like asking me to choose between a chocolate truffle blizzard and a cookie dough blizzard. Quite frankly, its not possible.

So I give you the Phalaenopsis orchid in all its beauty paired with the exquisite yet simplistic calla lily.

Now hows that for an opening line? So cheesy, I know.

Thank you to Abby Photography for so kindly supplying us with photos of these beauties and Congratulations to Devon and Angela ! Thank you guys for being such fantastic clients to work with and for trusting us with the your big day. All the best.


Whenever I’m asked by what I consider to be a top notch photographer (in this case the genius Jessica Zais) to be their subject the answer is always “YES”. So yet again I was lucky enough to be the object of her mad skillz. Our plan was for a beautiful sunny day, girls road trip, ‘bugly’ couch, combined with stops along the way to ‘smell the flowers’. Instead we got torrential downpour, cloudy day, and blisters from the mud in my boots rubbing against my bare legs. Apparently we’ll do anything for a good pic.

Ok, so the low down looks something like this:

Hair needed to be changed. It was time. My mom and I were looking a little too much like twins and I could only take the comment ‘wow, you guys look like sisters’ for so long. Sorry, love you mom. So I phoned Amrit at La Casa to work her magic. And magic she worked. Thanks woman for not leaving me hanging ! I’m loving being a red headed rockstar.

The cowboy boots were found at one of my favorite thrift stores. And the update is official : I’m now a cowgirl. These boots haven’t left my feet since this shoot. So incredibly comfortable its ridiculous.

The couch is one of my favorite ‘buglies’. So ugly its beautiful. Its bugly. Ria thought I was nuts when I pointed it out at the thrift store but I knew I had to have it. And I did. And I love it.

Ok, enough rambling. Sorry people, its a habit. I’m working on it.

Enjoy !

Yes I’m a proud Canadian. Who wouldn’t be !?

This bookstore was amazing. The perfect place for a shoot with style. Again, Jessica Zais genius.

Love these boots. No more sore feet for me !

Behold the bugliest couch you ever laid eyes on.

Probably the most accurate to my personality so far. Thanks Jess… you bring out the best in me.

And back in pose. Lol.

Jess affectionately labeled this the ‘Dani bird’. This one was my genius. Can you tell ?

Let the fun begin…. 🙂

Good thing you can’t see my teeth chattering. Would have ruined the look completely. lol.

Big thanks to Jess for the killer pics and Amrit for the drastic hair change. Though I froze my ‘knickers’ off, it was definitely a fantastic road trip. Lots of laughing, lots of junk food and some photos inbetween. I love this business. These random days off of creative genius are so refreshing and oh so inspiring.

Side note: i’ll be posting some “real” weddings on here real soon. I just got a sneak peek of one and I’m loving it. 🙂