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Thats right, its another fake wedding. Only this time the bride and groom knew each other. In fact they are tying the knot in less then a month… now thats a rehearsal ! These two were fantastic and really could you get a more perfect bride for a shoot like this. I think no. In fact I know so. So naturally beautiful its insane.

So lets get to the ridiculous photos. Again, Jessica Zais worked her genie magic on this one. You wait. Sit down if your standing. Trust me. Its that good.

And this is where the magic took place. Its like a goldmine in shabby chic land and we found it. Excellent.

This photo is for all those brides who cringe when we suggest mixing fresh and real flowers.

Proof that we aren’t crazy. Trust us people. We know flowers. In fact we are crazy about them.

Mad props need to go out to Sarah from Sweet Art Cakes for these adorable cupcakes and cake topper.

Ok, this is my department and I have a few things to say about it.

#1. I love stationary

#2. Don’t skimp on the stationary

#3. Its all in the details… which is why good stationary is important.

#4. Did I mention stationary can make or break an event.

Point made. Moving on.

Ok, lets talk about this dress.

How ridiculous is it that it cost me $25. I love that this baby won’t go out of style. Its romantic and fun all at the same time.

And since we are talking moola. The grooms outfit $25 plus the $5 hat I picked up at a second hand store.

Think out of the box people. Its more fun that way. Trust me. You’ll thank yourself.

Ok, back to the amazing couple……

If this doesn’t make you want to print it off and hang it on your wall, I don’t know what will.

I love knowing the photographer who is doing the shoot or photographing one of our weddings. It allows for some great collaboration and fantastic photos.

I painted this ‘Just Married’ sign just for this shoot and put it in Jessica and Simones capable hands and just take a look at the masterpiece.

Another Melissa Craven masterpiece. I’m talking about the makeup. Can’t see any? Exactly. So natural. So flawless. So totally perfect.

Great minds think alike. I phoned Jessica the day I drove by this barn ! I loved it from the first moment I saw it and knew she would capture awesomeness of it. And she did. Clearly. The funny part. She had already seen it and was contacting the owner to see if she could shoot there.


This shoot was so fantastic we not only had one photographer but two. Simone brought along this gorgeous chair and allowed Jessica to use it for pics as well. She couldn’t have picked a better chair for the shoot ! Thanks Simone for dragging this to the shoot !

This one quite literally took my breath away.

If theres one thing I have learned from these last two shoots its:

Get your photos taken at sunset ! Whatever you do, do not miss this. Nothing beats them and in my opinion… plan your whole day around it. You just can’t replicate this with man made light !

Of course you need the ridiculously talented photographer to go along with it.

Sad its over?

I know.

Me too.

But just you wait for our next post. This year is full of goodies.

Did I hear someone say French Provence, Shabby Chic, Modern, Sleek Contemporary … heck yes I did. Its going to be a good year.

Don’t be a stranger,


ps. Stay posted. Our next ‘mock up’ we are turning into a black tie, old hollywood glam charity event. We couldn’t resist. The location is perfect. The cause couldn’t be better or closer to my heart. June 17th. Book it off. Trust me you’ll kick yourself if you miss this.

We’ve been talking about starting a blog for ages but never got around to it or were somewhat afraid of the idea. I’m not much of a writer and the thought of coming up with something smart, witty, entertaining or educational on a regular basis is somewhat daunting. So instead I’ve decided, since a photo is worth a thousand words, to fill this blog with gorgeous photos. Not average and definitely not boring… well in my opinion of course.

* Word of warning: My grammer and punctuation have never been my strong point. Bear with me while I mutilate the english language along the way*

Its pretty strange that the first post is going to be a wedding with me in it. Except that I didn’t get married. To be fair, I’ve only met the groom twice. Our “wedding day” being the second time. You see its all a show. Why you ask? Good question. The reason we have begun to do these ‘mock up’ weddings is because we want to inspire people to think outside the box. Step away from traditional. See things in a different light. Who knew old vintage pins could make, what in my opinion, is one of the most gorgeous bouquets ever. Or that old books could looks so great stacked randomly on the table.

We are full of ideas and are constantly wanting to ‘talk someone into something’ so we decided instead to set it all up so our photos could speak for themselves. Which I think they do. Enjoy.

Who knew dandelions could be so beautiful. Apparently <a href=

Who knew dandelions could be so beautiful. Apparently Jessica did.

Thank God for talented photographers.

We were driving down the road, while taking a break for some grub, and I kid you not

I screamed out loud when I saw this car. I love it and I think it loved me a little.

Thank you to the nice lady who let us take pictures with it

I think I asked Jessica to take a photo of this bouquet every five minutes.

The bouquet was her idea so I had no problem convincing her of it.

However I did construct the 100 pound wonder. Must take some credit for this beauty.

Ah, collaborative genius.

As you can see we had alot of fun on this shoot !

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” at its best.

This dress  cost $10 at a second hand store. Add a belt and some Crinoline and you’ve got a wedding dress.

A $5 necklace found at another thrift store, earrings borrowed from a friend and a pair of shoes from my closet and you’ve got an outfit.

Total cost = $15

My daughter would be proud. She’s all about the recycling.

Nothing can beat the ambiance candles bring.

Hope you enjoyed these beauties.

A HUGE thank you to Jessica Zais for taking such amazing photos and for helping us put this together. You really do bring out the best in your subjects… even when they are complete strangers. Congratulations. You killed this one.

Don’t be a stranger,