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July 11, 2013

We Have Moved!!

Happy July everyone! I hope you are all enjoying wedding season as much as we are! So much has been going on and it is looking to be our most exciting and beautiful summer yet!Just a heads up to all of our followers out there, we have moved our blog to our Stage Right Etc site! Check it out and see what we have already got up to this summer!


Richelle is the sweetest gal you’ll ever meet.

She’s one of the hardest working ones too…

…she’ll do anything….

…there is so much to love about this girl!

Yes, that’s Richelle…. she’s teaching her, now fiancé, to play leap frog…LOL

You see, she’s a gymnast and a dang good one too!

A little history….

Richelle has worked part time for Stage Right etc for about three years…

…but much to our dismay she took a gymnastic teachers job in Vancouver  last fall.

So the story goes like this….

Brandon went down to Vancouver to visit and they decided they would go up to Grouse Mountain to do some snowshoeing…..

…he had planned to propose at the top but when they got there there was a couple feeding birds…

…plus it was foggy…

…but I like the ‘bird story better’…

Richelle doesn’t really like birds so she got off the lift and was swinging her poles…

…needless to say she wasn’t met with enthusiasm…

Brandon, realizing it wouldn’t be the appropriate time to pop the question, aborted the mission!

They continued down the hill with Richelle singing

” Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins…makes me laugh out loud 🙂

( wish I could insert the picture in my head )

Brandon and Richelle had packed themselves a lunch of…

…my mouth is watering typing this…. pulled pork sandwiches….yum!

They wandered through the village looking for an appropriate place to sit.

Found a great bench and ate their lunch…

…that’s when he…

…oh, wait for it…

got down on one knee and popped the question….say it with me…


I love it!

So our wonderful young lady is getting married on September 13th 2013 …

…we’re delighted to be able to be a part of this happy couples lives…


Engagement shots courtesy of  Nonie Brown-John

Hope you’ve enjoyed….stay tuned for wedding photos in the fall…

Bye for now…..








On Trend for 2014

April 17, 2013

As Wedding Designers one of our jobs is to keep a pulse on the upcoming trends.

With many couples planning their big day for 2014 we thought we’d do our best to help you out a bit with tips for ‘what’s in’.

No matter if you’re a ‘ keep with the trends ‘ type or…

a ‘ buck the trend’ type…

Stage Right etc is here to help you brand and bring your vision to life.

It seems that vintage and rustic have held on for several years now.

Seemingly this trend is continuing;

however, we are also seeing a strong trend towards  1920’s Glam formal .

…think Damask prints, colors, feathers, soft florals, lighting, crystals and the list goes on.

….If cupcakes were what you were thinking…

consider doing some unique elegant desserts in their place.

Fresh fruit in fancy teacups!


…fancy pastries…

Your guests will LOVE you!


Stationary can play such an important roll in creating the look and feel of your day.

Here at Stage Right etc we design your stationary, in house and specifically for you.

Below is a set that we had created for our clients Jenn and Tom.

Their style wasn’t 1920’s Glam but more vintage; however it gives you a taste of how we at Stage Right etc. design

‘specifically’ for you, making all your ‘day of’ stationary cohesive.


We love what we do and we hope it shows!

If you’ve enjoyed this post leave us a little note and let us know what you’d like to see in the future.

Have a wonderful day!



so I took a five minute break today… and found the most amazing site ever…

True confessions: I’m a bit of a shoe lover . I have just a ‘few’ pairs stashed away in my closet!

This is one of those ideas that begs the question,

” Why didn’t I think of that?”

Customizable shoes!!! I mean, super customizable!!!

I remembered with fondness a couple of our clients from past years who’d chosen

colourful shoes, moccasins and even fancy flip-flops for their day.

Well ladies…

here’s a totally new way to express yourselves and you’re going to LOVE love love it….

If you fancy stilettos, mid heel or flats,

they are all available in whichever style you like and there are hundreds to choose from!

Have fun and let us know what you like!

Check it out here


I wanted to take this opportunity to share, with our readers, some of the updates that we have done to our Stage Right Weddings Rental site .  We’ve just begun! The Rental portion of Stage Right is an affordable way to get the designed look, without going all out with our full design packages.  Click here to view all of the different options we have in pre designed table décor, as well, you can mix and match table cloths, runners, and accents.  We will be adding photos of all of the great products for table centres and decor items that will be available for rent along with our pre-design as well.  Happy browsing!



One of our Summerhill Weddings from last fall is being featured this week on Stacey from JoyWed’s blog!

For anyone that didn’t have a chance to see our blogpost last year – one of Kerry’s bridesmaids wore a dress made entirely of sheet music.  That’s right, sheet music!!  It’s a must see!  Click here to see the full post on JoyWed.


A fabulous mix of blue and turquoise inspires thoughts of warm, tropical islands with white sandy beaches.

Wedding décor in these colors is fun and playful, whether it’s a casual seaside ceremony or a more formal

event with a chic, glowing after-party. With a range of shades from deep teal to robin’s egg, the color

combination is up to you, as long as it’s blue…. Read More



It’s not easy settling on a colour for your wedding day.  I have a couple of favourite sites that I go to when I need inspiration, and I thought I’d share them with you!

First I’d like to share a few things to remember when you’re choosing your overall colour, and possibly accent colours.  Be sure to select your colours and choose your venue and decor accordingly, then choose your bridesmaids dresses….not the other way around. When you are short listing your venue think about the colour palette you’ve chosen.  Do they lend themselves well together?

Colour is such a fun thing to play with, and yet it can be a scary adventure as well.  It’s all about balance.  A designer once told me that it’s about 70/30 balance.  70% of one and 30% of the opposite.  I’ve used that rule a lot whilst designing  and it works.

So now I’ll share my ‘special favourite’ sites with you.

Design Seed and The Perfect Palette are a great sites whether you are choosing colours for your wedding, your home, office or any space actually.

Enjoy, and be sure to call us if we can help at all!


Remember summer?  Me neither.  And if you are anywhere else in Canada, I’m sure you feel the same.  So, I thought I would share this simply sweet wedding that’s full of love and warmth to remind us that our favorite season is coming!

Kristin and Mitchell tied the knot at Linden Gardens in a quaint lakeside community called Kaleden just south of Penticton.  If you are looking to have an intimate wedding in the area; this venue comes highly recommended.

As always, we had so much fun dreaming up the vintage ideas for Kristin and Mitchell’s special day.  This wedding is another great example of our attention to details.  The signage, stationary and florals were all designed and hand made in-house by Stage Right !

Custom chalk menu

We wanted to put a “garden party” spin on the soft and dreamy vintage style reception.  I love how the tablescapes turned out, with all of the different heights and styles of glass vases, the shabby chic candle holders and wispy flowers pulling the look together.

penticton wedding table centers

The ceremony site at Linden Gardens  is  awesome.  Unseen in the photos is a small lake  just behind the bride and groom. Gently carved out pathways wind through the gardens and woods. The wedding party “magically” appears for the ceremony processional. Extra cool bonus, the main pathway is lit up at night!

Thank you to White Linen Photography for the beautiful photos, and thank you to Kristen and Mitchell for choosing Stage Right etc!  You were a pleasure to work with and we wish you all the best.  Cheers!

Last weekends  bridal expo “Enamoured” was full of romance  and vintage in all the right places.  Milestone Events hosted the inaugural event, and I have to say, there is a lot of talent  in Okanagan when it comes to weddings.  Nothing like being greeted by this showstopper tablescape…a little piece of hydrangea heaven right there!


Everyone LOVED our popcorn bar.  So yummy, and so much fun for anyone that’s looking for an alternative to dessert or in addition too.  (We won’t judge…just be sure to leave us a sampling!).  Speaking of which, we always get to enjoy a little leftover candy at the end of the night, but the popcorn is always cleaned out!  Must be all of the delicious flavors.  I mean who can say no to “Double Double Butter, Caramel, Dilled out or Super Kid” popcorn?!

Like I said earlier, vintage was a common theme amongst vendors again this year.  We went vintage chic with a little touch of glamour for our tables.  Layers of crystal and glass over the different textured table linens….luscious AND lovely.  Oh and the feather boa tie backs, how great are they?!

For anyone that hasn’t had a chance to check out or Stage Right Rentals site, you can see some of our pre-designed table decor packages here.  If you don’t see exactly what you’re after on the site, give us a call or send and email to book a consultation.  We can basically create anything you dream up!

It was great to see some of our favourite vendors putting their best foot forward as always – Bliss Bridal6:8 Photography, Sugar Sweet Cake Company, and All Occasion party rentals.  Also, a big thank you to Agatha from A Stylish Affair for the photos!  See you all next year :).